Ali Douiri

Mobile Developer - Android & iOS



Who am I ?

Expert in mobile development (Android & iOS), I design 100% native iOS and Android apps, giving particular attention to ergonomy and user experience.

I enjoy doing quality, and well-documented work, to offer the best experience as possible to your users.

I have already worked on some mobile apps used by hundreds of thousands of people, from the conception to the production.

Don’t wait anymore, and contact me !

Why me ?

  • I pay a lot of attention to each of your projects, and I invest myself as much as if it were mine !
  • I create a tailored solution for every problem!
  • I am always listening to you, offering flexibility, reactivity and proximity !

I can offer more competitive prices than mobile development agencies since I have way less internal costs with as much as rigor and professionnalism.

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ClicWinApp is an app allowing users to earn money by watching ads on their phones and computer tablets.

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PlanB is a mobile app intended to young people, families and couples, which propose them a selection of restaurant and other entertainment places depending on the budget and the desires of the user.

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Winxo Wincard

WinCard is an app designed for the Winxo suscribers. It allows them to :

  • Consult the list of their cards if they are registered as a company.
  • Consult all the transactions done on each WinCard card (product, volume, price).
  • Consult loyalty points.
  • Find the nearest station depending on their location.
  • Consult the available services on a card (cleaning, shop, restaurant, drain, etc. …).

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AttarikPro is an app dedicated only to taxi drivers. It enables in real time to :

  • Access to a Marketplace with a large panel of products (tires, lubricants ...) with prices challenging every competitor.
  • Order with ease.
  • Follow your orders: thanks to customized access, you can easily visualize the status of your order as well as your order history. Fast and easy !
  • Find the nearest gas stations, with the updated gas price, the shortest itinerary to it, and the panel of services offered (cleaning, shop, restaurant, drain, etc. …).
  • Consult all the transactions done on your ATTARIKPRO card (product, volume, quantity, price) in a chosen period.
  • Add multiple vehicles in the mobile app, and consult the corresponding transaction.

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M3alem is the top one mobile app in Morocco, fast and easy to use, it brings together professionals from every field, and gets them in touch with customers, suppliers and service providers.

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EyeOn is a visual collaborating platform, with rewarding augmented reality and artifical intelligence, it creates the possibility to get together in a common effort to solve any problem in a fast and costless way.

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